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170721, 02:26 - entr’acte,

i’m listening to some amapiano,

drinking water out of an old pickle jar-

wondering what to say about the time that’s elapsed-

i’m still wondering,,,

i’m still wondering,,,

but mostly about things unrelated to this gap in time-

the most logical thing to believe,

is that this is all a long, collective dream-

because believing it as reality somehow makes less sense-

maybe if we pretend,

that we’re just glorified, self-aware sea anemones,

not tethered to our reefs,

our hair-like tentacles swaying in the current,

the lobby lights might flicker again,

and we’ll all slowly return to our seats—

130620, 02:41 - champ change,

“–when you take it away, I take your race away, and there you are all strung out and all you got is your little self. And what is that? What are you without racism? Are you any good? Are you still strong? Are you still smart? Do you still like yourself? These are the questions.” -Toni Morrison

i’ve been wondering lately,

what do we even do anymore?

what do we see before us?

-having been deprived,

-having witnessed atrocity,


how and what do we need to move forward with optimism?

is it gesture?

through pause?

in exchange?

3299874 questions, but i wanna know–

are you team:

“it’s been hard to be sure-” or

“it’s been hard, to be sure-“?

310520, 01:16 - springuth hathst sproingest,

is meditating telling yourself about yourself?

it feels like listening to yourself listen to yourself?

this past week, i was able to admit

-that i was having a bad week,,,

but i felt a strange strength in my limitation, being honest to myself–

(a rare occasion?)

seeing one’s interior clearly takes some time–

sorting things,


seeing if

things evolve,

then re-sorting—>>

before resorting to:

all good, thinks come too, and N–

230420, 01:32 - P.O.P.

without referring to folders, i tried putting these images in chronological order,

but you know what i’m going to say–

“time isn’t real,/ time is an illusion,” etc.

i took photos i liked with another camera,

and ultimately decided i liked this camera better,

(and am currently dealing with issues around consistency,,,)

so to appease myself, i took photos of those photos on my laptop screen-

isn’t that so [inception]?

moving a lot of random objects away from the edges of things,

when did that start?

feels hard in these times to not see something poignant in that act-

a grateful, wise man once said, “pandemic poetry hits different,”

*guess who*

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