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today is tomorrow’s yesterday, (sad)

tomorrow’s yesterday is today, (optimistic but also sad?)

yesterday’s tomorrow is today, (optimistic but preachy?)

today is yesterday’s tomorrow, (quote-y)

today’s tomorrow is yesterday, (nonsense but real)

tomorrow’s today is yesterday, (cyclical?)

tomorrow, today is yesterday, (factual)

tomorrow is yesterday is today,

tomorrow, today is yesterday’s news, 

today is yesterday’s news tomorrow,

yesterday, today is tomorrow, (!)

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Utilizing recurring symbols and imagery Lo creates intimate, yet expansive narratives and spaces that weave in and out of linear timelines. His works converge contemporary, historic, and imaginative cultural and aesthetic influences through processes that value organic discovery, sincere expression, and transformation.

Lo's work has been exhibited internationally in Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Tokyo, and in the United States in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Seattle and Philadelphia. He has participated in museum exhibitions and programs at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles as well as the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. He has had prolonged stints focused on his work in Los Angeles and various parts of Asia. He is currently represented by Jaski Art Gallery in Amsterdam and Patel Gallery in Toronto.

He currently lives and works in Toronto.

田 a window is also a field,

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