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everything is a concoction of dreams, personal experiences, and recollection, (short and long-term)-

these things often feel slightly out of reach, like a familiar ambiguity or perplexing humour-

what determines what's filtered/ kept/ rejected?

time is the moving and refracting of all things-

the space between definition and misunderstanding is a good place,

210111 12:48


"Lo's work has been exhibited internationally in Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Tokyo, and in the United States in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Seattle and Philadelphia. He has participated in museum exhibitions and programs at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles as well as the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. He has had prolonged stints with focus on his work in Los Angeles and various parts of Asia. He shows with Jaski Art Gallery in Amsterdam and Patel Gallery in Toronto.

Tessar Lo currently lives and works in Toronto."

田 a window is also a field,

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