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selected exhibition/ work history

2 0 1 9
August- a window is also a field, (solo) | Patel Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
March- Purple Nights (group) | 500 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario

2 0 1 8 
October- Side Piece (curator, group) | Project Gallery Studios, Toronto, Ontario
September- Mongrel Media TIFF Event (group) | Campbell House Museum, Toronto, Ontario
August- MANIFESTO (group) | Ossington Tire, Toronto, Ontario

2 0 1 7 
December/ January- Newfangled (group) | New Image Art, Los Angeles, California 
August/ September- hahahahuh, (solo) | Project Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
June- Palms in Paradise, Palms at Home (group) | Pakkard Studio, Los Angeles, California
June- Voyeurish (installation) | Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Ontario
February- Qualia (group) | The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
January- untitled (solo) | FRANK at the AGO, Toronto, Ontario

2 0 1 6
October- BOX (solo) | MI-YU, Toronto, Ontario
July- SFW “So Fucking What” (group) | G/F, Shops 8 & 9, Kwan Yick Building Phase 3, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2 0 1 5
September- no more doubts, no more fears, (solo) | Project Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2 0 1 4  
September- devices and the virtues, (solo) | Jaski Art Gallery, DB Amsterdam
January- oh, ou, ohh, o, (solo) | Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2 0 1 3 
September- More Than Two (Let It Make Itself) (group) | The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 

2 0 1 2 

September- no evil, live on, (solo) | Jaski Art Gallery, DB Amsterdam 
May- 60 Painters (group) | Humber College School of Arts and Media Studios, Toronto, Ontario 
March- past, present, past-present, (solo) | Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 

2 0 1 1  

October- the dying wishes, (solo) | Jaski Art Gallery, DB Amsterdam 
April- M∆PS (solo) | Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario   

2 0 1 0  

June- Idealistically Hypocritical 5 (group) | AMP/ Koenji Gallery, Koenji, Tokyo 
February- everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future, (solo) | Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 

2 0 0 9  
December- Art Mosh (group) | Door Studios, Paris, France 
December- From Me to You (group) | Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
July- Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Toy Art (group) | Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, California 
June- Happily Never After (group) | Keep Six Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 
April- future perfect (solo) | LeBasse Projects, Los Angeles, California 

2 0 0 7 

August- Fecal Face 7.5 Year Anniversary Show (group) | 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, California

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